Persönliche Kundenberatung bei Haarverlust

I'm going to lose my hair. What should I do now?

Initial consultation

  • Please trust in the opinion of your doctor or health insurer and visit us for a personal consultation before you start losing your hair.
  • We will work together with you to find the optimum substitute hair for you, based on your existing hairstyle.
  • On request we will prepare 1-2 wigs and reserve these for you on a no-obligation basis. The substitute hair will be created precisely according to your wishes. We will only bill your health insurer if you actually need it. If you do not lose your hair and you do not require a wig then there will be no costs for you or your health insurer. That is our risk.
  • We are also happy to take care of billing your health insurer on your behalf. To do so, we merely require a prescription for the substitute hair from your doctor.



  • Your hair may start to fall out approx. 14 days after the first chemotherapy session.
  • Please arrange an appointment now, in order to collect your reserved hairpiece.
  • We recommend first having your own hair cut short by us. In this way you avoid consciously losing your hair at home. Only once no hair is present beneath the hairpiece is it possible to perfect the size of the wig.
  • The wig haircut will now be tailored to your wishes on your head and completed.
    We will provide you with all important information regarding the treatment of your hairpiece:
    • We discuss with you and teach you how to place and position your wig correctly.
    • We explain washing and caring for your hairpiece in detail.
    • You will be provided with a (multilingual) document containing all of the facts, to take home with you.
    • We provide you with comprehensive advice on wig alternatives such as scarves, caps, etc.
    • Our specialist personnel will explain what suits you and how to wear it.
    • Towards the end of your treatment it is possible that you may also lose your eyebrows and eyelashes. Our make-up artists, colour consultants and stylists will advise you on reconstruction.

Our psychologically trained team supports you throughout your entire hair-loss period.

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