A brief insight into the company history of the Rieswick family.

The ancestors of the Rieswick family travelled from Holland to the region and town of Ramsdorf in the 17th century as field surgeons accompanying troops.

They wrote their name as "Ryswijk", which later assumed the German form "Rieswick". Field surgeons were a cross between paramedics and doctors. They removed teeth, produced wound dressings, shaved soldiers. One of them, "Jan Rieswick", took a native woman of Ramsdorf as his wife and stayed as a barber in Ramsdorf, at that time at Hüpohl 2. After a short time he had attached his own house with garden and a bathroom, in which the locals found warm water for bathing - something that was not always the case at that time.

A pewter plate shows the business operating until 1930. The children of Jan Rieswick and their offspring continued to run this business as barbers and hairdressers.

One of these was a Franz Rieswick, who married a woman called Theresia Rieswick (nee Strüwing). At that time earnings were rather poor. Franz and Theresia Rieswick had children including a son called Bernhard, who continued the family tradition.

Friseurgeschäft Rieswick

Bernhard Rieswick married a woman called Maria Schlusemann, with whom he had 12 children.
At that time they worked from dawn until dusk, and the business was even open on Sundays before high mass for men to have a "shave".

4 sons from this marriage worked as hairdressers, with two taking their master's examinations as hairdressers: Franz and Peter Rieswick. Peter Rieswick married a hairdressing colleague from the Black Forest and emigrated to Brazil with her after the war, where he worked as a self-employed hairdresser together with his wife Christa for many years. She had two sons, Jan and Jack Rieswick, who still live there today.

A daughter of Jan Rieswick, Rebeca Rieswick, completed her training as a hairdresser in Ramsdorf.

Franz Rieswick - the proprietor of the parental company based there - published an announcement after the war, worded as follows:

"Female apprentice tohairdresser sought, possibly with the intention of subsequent marriage, reference: Red carnation"

He found Ingeborg Rieswick nee Dütting from Coesfeld, managed the business together with her and additionally worked as a subject teacher at the vocational schools in Borken and Coesfeld.

Hochzeit Rieswick

Between 1951-1961 they were gifted with 5 children, Hans – Jürgen, Willibald, Franz, Eva and Vera Rieswick.

4 of them took their master's examinations as hairdressers and worked in Paris and Nuremberg, Franz Rieswick jun. and Vera Rieswick continued the parental business.

Eva Kawaletz (nee Rieswick) completed her training as a med. beautician.

In 1955, the parental business underwent major renovation from half farmhouse, half hairdressing business to the then "elegant" hair salon.

VNumerous colleagues in the region mocked Franz Rieswick sen., joking that the salon would never be full. However, Franz and Inge Rieswick were successful and the business "brimmed" as Franz Rieswick often said. Helpful were: "Courage, further training and extensive industriousness, which helped bring success."

The wig boom began in 1965.
From that time the business was named: „Rieswick hair studio”

Wigs, which appeared more like a rug than a hair substitute, were worn for fashion reasons back then. A "must have" for every occasion, so to speak. Only later on were wigs recognised by health insurers as being a hair substitute for use in conjunction with chemotherapy and the resultant loss of hair. As such, Rieswick and sons was one of the first suppliers to health insurers in the field of "hair care". Franz Rieswick jun. took over the management of his parents' business in 1991 and continued to run it with his sister, Vera Rieswick.

Franz Rieswick
Vera Rieswick

Two sons of Franz Rieswick jun., Nils Rieswick and Max Rieswick have been working for the business for 5 years, as a master hairdresser and business economist in the trade.

Both sons, Nils and Max Rieswick, worked for a long time after completing their training in Barcelona, Hamburg and in the wig production facilities in Manila.

Regular further development of the production processes, procurement of the finest materials in conjunction with the technical university in Aachen and the tulle industry in Switzerland have enabled the Rieswicks to become top wig designers with the vision of perfection in the field of hair substitutes and with the legacy of a vocation for "creating hair substitutes".

To this day, prototypes are manufactured in this wig workshop in Ramsdorf, before being internationally produced and sold around the world.

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